About DSM Professional Video Camera Power

Established in 1973, our core business was making battery belts and OEM battery packs for cine cameras and lighting. With the invention of portable video and later the camcorder, we quickly realised, all video equipment was very power hungry. We responded quickly, by producing a range of long lasting battery belts with connecting cables to fit every video camera.

It was DSM together with the patent owners of Lithium ion technology AEA Technology plc, formerly the Atomic Energy Authority, who made the first Li-ion NP1 batteries. Also DSM and Keene Electronics working closely with AEA, produced the first range of commercially available Li-ion chargers.

Today all DSM batteries are Li-ion, spearheaded by our very high quality competitively priced, UV98 and UV-160 V-Mount batteries, with their accurate 5 LED fuel gauge and compatibility with most Li-ion V-Lock and V-Mount chargers. We offer a 2 year guarantee on our Li-ion batteries, and our charger AC adapter units, are guaranteed 3 years.

DSM battery belts and packs have been selected and successfully used on over 25 Mount Everest Expeditions and countless other expeditions to some of the most remote and inhospitable regions of the world. All the major names in TV have DSM batteries, we supplied 100’s of battery belts to broadcasters, who issued camcorders to the general public making video diaries and fly on the wall documentaries. In the early 90’s we were prolific covert camera system designers. In 1991 we invented the multi award winning HANDEX battery, designed to fit to a camera’s hand-strap, nicknamed the “Kidney Battery” by users of our covert camera systems. HANDEX batteries are still available today, in both 7.2V and Pro HANDEX 14.4V Li-ion versions.

We have invested in state of the art IC controlled battery test equipment, dedicated to comprehensively test each type of battery we produce, at each stage of assembly.
The equipment tests the battery protection circuit board functions are working perfectly
Short Circuit protection, Cut off Voltage, Over/Under Temperature protection, over Voltage protection and the fuel gauge.
Every battery goes through a full test sequence 3 times,
Before the top of the casing is attached, after the casing is attached and finally after screwing and Sonic Welding the casing.