ULTIMATE UV-98 Battery

DSM Ultimate batteries are specified by many of the biggest name TV broadcasters in Switzerland and Europe !

DSMUV98 ULTIMATE  98Wh V-Mount V-Lock compatible batteries 14.8V 98Wh compatible with IDX® and Sony® V-Mount® camera plates and chargers

Premium Quality Panasonic Lithium ion cells
A High Quality, Rugged GE® ABS-PC Plastic Alloy Housing and V-Lock
Compatible with Sony® IDX® and Li-ion V-Mount and V-Lock chargers
An Accurate 5 LED State of Charge Indicator
Top up Charge Whenever You Want to, Even Between Takes

Cell chemistry : Lithium ion cobalt positive and graphite carbon negative electrodes
Nominal Voltage : 14.8V,14.4 compatible
Energy : 98Wh (6.6Ah nominal)
Maximum output load : 6A continuous
Connectors: Copper Alloy Hard Gold Plated
Electronic circuit protection : For Under Voltage Over Voltage Over Current, Low and high Temperatures, short circuit
Overall thermal and over current fuses
Weight : 720g