ULTIMATE UV-160 Battery

DSM Ultimate batteries are specified by many of the biggest name TV broadcasters in Switzerland and Europe !

DSMUV160   ULTIMATE  160Wh  V-Mount V-Lock compatible batteries 14.8V 98Wh compatible with IDX® and Sony® V-Mount® camera plates and chargers

Premium Quality Panasonic Lithium ion cells
A High Quality, Rugged GE® ABS-PC Plastic Alloy Housing and V-Lock
Compatible with Sony® IDX® and Li-ion V-Mount and V-Lock chargers
An Accurate 5 LED State of Charge Indicator
Top up Charge Whenever You Want to, Even Between Takes

Cell chemistry : Lithium ion cobalt positive and graphite carbon negative electrodes
Nominal Voltage : 14.8V,14.4 compatible
Energy : 160Wh (11.5Ah nominal)
Maximum output load : 6A continuous
Connectors: Copper Alloy Hard Gold Plated
Electronic circuit protection : For Under Voltage Over Voltage Over Current, Low and high Temperatures, short circuit
Overall thermal and over current fuses
Weight: 930g
Up to 3 DSMUV160 batteries can be carried on an aircraft. One connected to the equipment and two spare batteries for that equipment as long as the overall weight of any case including equipment is not greater than 10Kg