GM-98 98Wh Anton Bauer® Gold Mount™ Dionic™ Compatible Lithium ion Battery

We have been manufacturing batteries for TV Film and Video equipment for over 30 years. We source only the highest quality housings, cells and electronic components.We never introduce higher capacity batteries until we are confident their extra capacity does not compromise their long-term charge/discharge cycle ability.

  • GM-98 98Wh and GM-160 160Wh 14.8V made with Panasonic® cells
  • Compatible with Anton Bauer®Dionic™ chargers and camera mounts.
  • Premium Panasonic®  Li-ion cells.
  • High Quality Rugged and Strong GE® ABS-Polycarbonate Plastic Alloy Housing.
  • 5 LED State of Charge Indication.
  •  Nominal Voltage 14.8V 14.4V compatible
  • Connectors Copper Alloy Hard Gold Plated.
  • IC controlled circuit protection for Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Over Current
  • Low/High Temperature, with Overall Thermal and Over Current Fuses
  •  Weight:  98Wh 720g / 160Wh  930g
  •  Guaranteed 2 Years