ULV2S Twin Simultaneous V-Mount V-Lock Fast Charger

ULV2S Twin simultaneous fast charger For DSM UV series Li-ion V-Mount V-Lock Batteries.

DSM Chargers and Charger AC adapter camera power supply units incorporate features that ensure your DSM batteries are maintained for optimum run times and a long reliable service life. We are told that they also charge batteries that other chargers can’t charge

• Can power a camera at the same time as charging batteries
• All twin and 4 way chargers are Simultaneous
• Fully automatic charge circuits with cell balancing function optimised for DSM battery cells
• Worldwide mains power input
• Compact in size
• Each unit is built and fully tested in our own workshops
• Charger/AC Adapters come complete with a 2M XLR-4 cable
• 3 YEARS return to base warranty
• Realistically priced