UVL2-60AC Twin Simultaneous Fast Charger/A.C adapter

Can power your camera at the same time as simultaneously charging 2 batteries

For DSM UV series Li-ion V-Lock Batteries with a 2M XLR-4 cable with high quality Nuetrix XLR connectors. DSM Chargers and Charger AC adapter camera power supply units incorporate features that ensure your DSM batteries are maintained for optimum run times and a long reliable service life. We are told that they also charge batteries that other chargers won’t charge

• Can power a camera at the same time as charging batteries
• All twin and 4 way chargers are Simultaneous
• Fully automatic charge circuits with cell balancing function optimised for DSM battery cells
• Worldwide mains power input
• Compact in size
• Each unit is built and fully tested in our own workshops
• Charger/AC Adapters come complete with a 2M XLR-4 cable
• 3 YEARS return to base warranty
• Realistically priced